Hotel Húsafell is Your Next MICE Travel Destination. Here is why!

With an abundance of activities such as hiking, ice and lava cave exploring, sightseeing and glacier trips, as well as rich and authentic cultural experiences, Hotel Húsafell and its area are the perfect Mice event destination for team-building and incentive travels.

Hotel Húsafell is Your Next MICE Travel Destination. Here is why!

It could be said that Hotel Húsafell is an ideal place for various business events that are driven by some sense of adventure and unconventional thinking which involves your team stepping outside the box. With its unique setting and a combination of culture, safety, comfort, and easy access to other opportunities for your MICE event Hotel Húsafell is unrivalled.

Hotel Húsafell

With this in mind, we will quickly recap in this article what MICE tourism is about, what makes a good MICE destination and then provide an insight of why Hotel Húsafell and its area is suitable for your MICE event.

What Is MICE tourism about?

MICE tourism is any kind of tourism that emphasizes business travel particularly related to meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions, that are organised to achieve a wide range of business, academic, professional, or cultural objectives. The main goal through MICE events is to bring professionals together, foster connections or build new connections, promote new ideas, and push growth. Obviously, the scene to accomplish this must be rather special. In this respect it is the convergence point of the events and tourism industry and is also closely linked to business travelling, typically involving trips where groups gather with a particular purpose or intention.

Although the approach to this market is fundamentally different from the typically leisure tourism. Leisure travelling and MICE business travelling are in fact very different, although both require a destination to set up for receiving visitors and have the necessary facilities to offer an enjoyable experience, from hospitality to attractions and activities.

Húsafell as a MICE Business Travelling Destination

Húsafell which is an exclusive off-beat travel destination between the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans and is the perfect destination for those who are looking for the unexpected or something out of the ordinary. Located in West Iceland Hotel Húsafell is also ideally placed between North America and Europe. And it could be said that Húsafell is close in distance but although far away from everyday life, stressful obligations, traffic jams and crowds, and most certainly far away from normality and everyday routines. Húsafell is also renowned for its breath-taking natural beauty, rugged landscapes and scenery and it offers an authentic cultural history. But is also stunning and unparalleled MICE business travelling destination.

Húsafell is also an unexplored gem where sustainability is a priority and its natural environment along with its sustainability have been known for a long time. The key attribute of Húsafell is sustainability as it has a long history in the area with its first small hydro generator built in 1948 and geothermal energy acquired in 1986 and Húsafell area is fully self-sufficient with 100% renewable energy. And according to METRO US, FORBES and the New York Times, Húsafell has grown to be one of Iceland’s hidden and unexplored attraction sites to visit with its natural phenomena and lush landscape that enthrals everyone’s senses.

With an abundance of activities such as hiking, ice and lava cave exploring, sightseeing and glacier trips, as well as rich cultural experiences, Húsafell is also the perfect location for team-building and incentive travel. And whether it is freezing glaciers, majestic waterfalls, relaxing geothermal baths, or unique highlands, Húsafell is the ultimate destination for MICE events due to its inspiring setting and endless selection of activities and an array of event venues.

Here is Why Hotel Húsafell is your Ultimate MICE Destination

Hotel Húsafell, situated in an oasis like landscape on the verge of the highlands in West-Iceland offers enchanting uniqueness where no one will be disappointed because Hotel Húsafell is considered a true wanderlust destination that will provide you with all the necessary scenes for your MICE event. Hotel Húsafell is immersed in nature in an area with powerful contradictions where history meets elegance, making for the most enchanted MICE event location.

While Hotel Húsafell is the ideal off-beat location for a wide variety of Mice events, it is well known that there must be excellent service and infrastructure to back it up.  Hotel Húsafell provides you with the high-tech infrastructure, technical services, and knowledgeable team to organize your Mice event. In fact, the team at Hotel Húsafell is always willing to go the extra mile to make your MICE event a success.

By aiming towards Hotel Húsafell for a MICE event you are heading to a destination which has a set up for receiving visitors and has the necessary facilities to offer an enjoyable experience, from hospitality to attractions and activities. Hotel Húsafell offers your MICE business travellers value outside the event they are travelling for in terms of culture, sightseeing, activities, and relaxation.

Hotel Húsafell considers the health and safety of its guest of utmost importance and would like to highlight that Hotel Húsafell and its area is a safe space for people of all identities and orientations that will make your MICE event inclusive, and your attendees always feel safe during their stay.

Hotel Húsafell is also a suitable location for travellers that want to work whilst they are away or extend their trip and could work remotely and have good access to things like internet, Wi-Fi availability and the number of coworking spaces.

So, it could be said that Hotel Húsafell has a lot to offer to meet the expectations of the MICE business traveller and it provides a great opportunity to enrich your Mice event programme with countless attractions for the participants. The comfort of conferences or business meetings in Hotel Húsafell will be enhanced by the amazing area and its extraordinary and interesting places.

Hold on. There are more significant and important reasons why you should consider Hotel Húsafell as your MICE business travelling destination!

The Canyon Baths - Sustainable activity

Hotel Húsafell Loves Sustainability

Today, sustainable and eco-friendly choices are important to consider, doing better for the environment and Hotel Húsafell is committed to sustainability and has integrated sustainability into the core of its business and therefore, Hotel Húsafell is a sustainable destination.

Hotel Húsafell is the first hotel in the Nordic countries to make the National Geographic list of Unique Lodges of the world, which is comprised of 57 hotels the world over. All the lodges must meet certain standards of environmental friendliness and sustainability. Hotel Húsafell is therefore a proud member of National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World among an exclusive group of world-class properties that are committed to sustainability, authenticity, and excellence in service. Located in remote places around the world, these 57 distinguished properties offer sophisticated travellers intimate experiences with the local culture and natural environment.

Hotel Húsafell has also integrated several sustainable activities and attractions in the natural environment surrounding its hotel, which is simply something that is as unique as it can get.

9-Hole GEO-Certified Sustainable Golf Course

Here are some of the eco-friendly tourism features at Hotel Húsafell:

• Sustainable design and contemporary Icelandic furnishings

• Guestrooms with original art by renowned local artist Páll Guðmundsson

• Organic bath amenities made from Icelandic herbs

• 9-hole GEO-certified sustainable golf course

• Geothermal nature baths and a unique float therapy system

• Fine dining with an emphasis on local seafood, wild game, and seasonal produce

• New recycling program established with the local municipality

• Sustainability leadership by example in the community

• Local volcanic rock reused as construction materials and decorative features

• Managed and staffed by people from the surrounding area

Therefore, Hotel Húsafell is considered a magnificent and extraordinary nature and eco-friendly Mice business travel destination.

Hotel Húsafell Venue and Capacity

At Hotel Húsafell you will find 48 rooms providing high quality and individual accommodation in four different categories, a restaurant with four dining rooms with exceptional culinary wonders and drinks, attentive service and sweeping views of the breath-taking surroundings that create an unforgettable and once-in-a-life-time dining experience.

Exceptional Culinary Wonders and Drinks at Our Restaurant

Groups of most sizes are welcome at Hotel Húsafell. We offer an exciting setting for meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions with excellent amenities and support for a variety of events. And by combining the comfort of a modern hotel with the unique wonders of Icelandic nature, Hotel Húsafell, invites you and your group to discover the amazingly hidden corners of Iceland's otherworldly Highlands during your MICE event.

Mosi Hall and Hellir Hall are Hotel Húsafell venues and are both suitable for presentations, workshops, meetings, and networking and have the following capacity:

Mosi Hall


• 10 tables 180x80

• 6 tables 80x80

• Seating for 33 people


• 10 tables 180x80

• 8 tables 80x80

• Seating for 66 people


• 7 or 10 tables 180x80

• 3 tables 80x80

• Seating for 21 or 30 people

Hellir Hall


• 1 speaker table + chair

• Seating for 30 people


• 3 tables 180x80

• 3 tables 80x80

• Seating for 24 people


• 4 tables 180x80

• 2 tables 80x80

• Seating for 18 people


• 6 standing tables ø 80

• Around 24 people

Nevertheless, these are all issues that we examine together with the companies that hold events with us, and our team always does its best to customize solutions upon request.

So, let our team at Hotel Húsafell assist you with your MICE event planning and create an unforgettable experience with a tremendous variety of activities and scheduled day tours in an extraordinary and off-beat destination.