New Húsafell Hiking Trails and Map

Hotel Húsafell is pleased to introduce our ten new Húsafell Hiking Trails and Map!

New Húsafell Hiking Trails and Map

Introducing our new Husafell Hiking Trails and Map! Hiking is hugely popular in Husafell, and for good reason. Surrounded by glaciers, woodlands, waterfalls and rugged lava, this area of West Iceland is home to the most spectacular and diverse hikes in the country. But with so much opportunity it can be difficult to know where to begin. Luckily for you, we have made a map with our ten favorite hikes.

The new Husafell Hiking Trails are developed from ancient sheep and horse trails that follow the natural contour of the landscape. No matter which path you take, expect to be nestled in woodlands with waterfalls, hot springs, canyons, rugged lava, crystal streams and ancient archaeological remains.

Our trails lead hikers through magnificent landscapes inside Husafell Nature Reserve and feature different levels of difficulty suitable for all experience levels. Easy hiking for families can be found along the River Run Trail, as well as more challenging routes like the Glacier Trail that will satisfy highly experienced hikers.

We started the initiative this spring to mark the trails, put up signage and create a large printable map in English. Each of the ten routes offers a different theme like the Water Trail where you’ll see active hot springs or the Artist Trail dotted with boulders etched in Viking artistry. Some paths are suited for mountain bikes which are available to rent at Husafell and complimentary for hotel guests.

Our free printed hiking map is available in the Hotel Husafell reception, Husafell Visitor Center and digital download. New signage has been placed throughout Husafell recreational area and behind the hotel.

To celebrate this new initiative we created a Luxury Hiking Adventure package at Hotel Husafell which includes two nights in a Deluxe Room, visits to nearby Langjokull Glacier, Vidgelmir Lava Cave and a day of nature hiking along the new Husafell Trails complete with a deluxe packed lunch to take on the go.

We hope to see you here in nature’s paradise, where wilderness hiking is an activity to be enjoyed all year round.

Happy Trails from Husafell!