Húsafell is a passage to your imagination with its mystical landscape

The natural environment and its sustainability in the Húsafell area has been known by the locals for a long time. The site has some of the greatest natural sites, such as the Hallmundarhraun lava plain, with Icelandic folk tales that have been passed from one person to another throughout centuries. As time has passed the Húsafell area has grown to be one of the diamond sites to visit with its natural phenomena that stimulates everyone’s imagination. The stunning volcanic lava, mythical waterfalls bursting from Hallmundarhraun lava plain and fascinating glacier rivers and sustainable hot springs make the landscape magical and unique. The Húsafell site is quite inspirational.

Húsafell is a passage to your imagination with its mystical landscape

Húsafell is a passage to your imagination with its mystical landscape. Such mystical inspirations are the many lava tubes that have been discovered in Hallmundarhraun, one of the greatest lava plains in Iceland.
Iceland´s largest and most spectacular and mystical lava tube is the Víðgelmir formed around 900 AD. The great lava tube is 1585 m long and the largest passage is 15,8 m high and 16,5 m wide, making this lava tube the largest in Iceland. The mythical and mysterious lava tube issaid to have been used by the Vikings with evidence presumably dated from the Viking age. You cannot miss this opportunity, an experience of a lifetime.

The well-known Hallmundarhraun was formed in giant eruption close to Langjökull glacier around the year 930and is the largest lava plain in the Húsafell area. It is thought that the Viking, Hallmund from Saga of Grettir lived in the area and was killed there. The lava plain is more than 200 km² with the total length of 52 km and overspread of 7 km. The Húsafell area has benefitted from the giant eruption as the great lava plain that was created at the area provided an ideal site for sustainable energy. Húsafell has thus used these natural phenomena on the site for natural baths such as “Húsafell Canyon Baths”, heating houses and for swimming pools.  

Magical waterfall bursting from Hallmundarhraun.

At the lava’s edge are the natural pearls of Hraunfoss and Barnafoss very close to Húsafell. The natural phenomena and famous waterfalls bursting from Hallmundarhraun are Hraunfossar, a series of waterfalls formed by rivulets streaming over about 900 metres out of the Hallmundarhraun, is one of the Icelandic folk mythologies. Itis also known for Barnafossar were it is said that two boys en route to crossing a natural stone-bridge that was over a harsh waterfall came to their premature and sad death. They fell into the water and drowned. The waterfall got its name from this tale. Today the mystical “Waterfall of the Children”, Barnafossar are a stunning natural scenery.

For bookings be sure to check availability here for the Lava cave, Víðgelmi. The lava tube is consistently chilly regardless of the weather above ground, so it is recommendedthat all guests bring a warm jacket, hat and gloves. The age limit for the touris 4 years old

For bookings be sure to check availability here as the Húsafell Canyon Baths are exclusive and only 20 visitors can join each departure.