The Canyon Baths are An Off-Beat Sustainable Tourist Attraction That Should Be a Part of Your Itinerary

Sustainable tourists’ attraction ensures sustainable and green efforts for its functioning. It can be anything from energy conservation to using recyclable raw materials to wildlife preservation. We think it’s extremely important to keep this in mind to both your and our contribution to fight the effect of climate change and global warming.

The Canyon Baths are An Off-Beat Sustainable Tourist Attraction That Should Be a Part of Your Itinerary

As the threat of climate change and global warming is getting even more on people’s minds it is even more urgent and important when it comes to traveling. Searching for a sustainable tourist attraction is something we would like you to consider and perhaps it is time for an eco-friendly visit during your wanderlust. By doing so you can keep your conscience green!

Sustainable tourist attractions ensure sustainable and green efforts for their operation. It can be anything from energy conservation to using recyclable raw materials to wildlife preservation. We think it’s extremely important to keep this in mind for both your and our contribution to fight the effects of climate change and global warming.

We would like to look at it in the way of being aware of our presence, in the present.

The Húsafell Area Where Sustainability is a Priority

The Húsafell area is an unexplored gem where sustainability is a priority and its natural environment along with its sustainability have been known for a long time. The key attribute of Húsafell is sustainability as it has a long history in the area with its first small hydro generator built in 1948 and geothermal energy acquired in 1986. Therefore, Húsafell is the ideal destination for the environmentally aware traveller that aims to be more eco-friendly. Húsafell is fully self-sufficient with 100% renewable energy! Yes, your reading is correct!

And according to METRO US, FORBES and the New York Times, the Húsafell area has grown to be one of Iceland’s hidden and unexplored attraction sites to visit with its natural phenomena and lush landscape that enthrals everyone’s senses.

Therefore, make sure to write Húsafell into your already awesome itinerary because the Húsafell area is a perfect place for old pros and total newbies.

But let us move onto the realest of the real - the reinvigorating natural hot spring that has a structure that is environmentally unobtrusive, sustainable, true to the area’s heritage and within a comfortable distance from Hotel Húsafell.

The Canyon Baths

Doesn’t it sound great to take a stunning hike through remote wilderness and being able to admire lush greenery amongst lava fields on your way to an Off-beat location that will truly provide a unique experience. And just think about ending the hike with a warm soak in geothermal pools nestled in a magnificent highland canyon, totally secluded.

You will enjoy a relaxed walk among natural wonders not found in many guidebooks, including the spectacular two-tiered waterfall Langifoss. You will also learn about Iceland’s renewable energy practices, cross an icy stream of glacial meltwater, and see the site to Okjökull, Iceland’s first glacier claimed by climate change.

The Canyon Baths - Winter

Through the hike there is absolutely no filter needed because you will be immersed in nature and in the end of it you will enter your own little piece of Icelandic heaven.

Due to its volcanic location, Iceland is blessed with several organic and natural hot springs. The Canyon baths are man-made geothermal pools that have been built using sustainable technologies. Emphasis was placed during the constructions of the Canyon baths to keep the entire structure as environmentally unobtrusive, sustainable, and true to the area’s heritage as possible. Constructed from locally sourced, natural materials like flagstone from the canyon floor, the baths are hot-spring fed pools designed to blend into the environment seamlessly using the age-old methods that created Snorralaug, a heritage site pool dating back to the 10th century.

The on-site bathhouse is made from salvaged timbers from the Húsafell area and even the hooks in the changing room are repurposed horseshoes from a nearby family farm and in the changing room you can simply smell the nice woody aroma.

So here you get history amongst an experience which lends you the uniqueness to your eco-friendly traveling.

The Canyon Baths - Winter

The World’s Greatest Travel Experiences for 2022

The Canyon baths was named by booking website Culture Trip as one of the best travel experiences for 2022. This is a great seal of quality for the baths, as only 14 places in the world receive this designation at any one time and tourism experts oversee choosing the places.

So, we can surely agree with our previous guests which all agree that there is no experience more authentically Icelandic than hiking through the surreal landscapes of the highlands followed by a relaxing soak in a geothermal pool. But keep in mind that the only thing you must remember is to wear warm and waterproof outdoor clothing, your favourite hiking boots, carry a swimsuit (but swimsuits can be rented from Hotel Húsafell swimming pool if needed) and your absolute best and positive mood.

Of course, you must pay attention to the weather forecast too! Because the weather can also be nice and mild in Iceland.

The Canyon Baths - Winter

Your Very own Guide to the Canyon Baths

Regarding the level of difficulties on this two-hour tour, there is no need to worry! This hike is rated as easy and is appropriate for ALL skill levels! But although, it does require you to walk un-aided over uneven terrain as well as down 64 steps to the canyon floor to reach the baths.

By booking this tour you will be led by a knowledgeable local guide in English, and this enchanted year-round tour begins with a short ride from the Hotel Húsafell to the trailhead in the remote Icelandic Highlands.

There is a maximum of 16 participants per outing and it is also possible to order private tours. Then only you and your group go with the guide to the Canyon baths and have them just for yourself.

The Canyon Baths - Spring
The Canyon Baths - Summer

Become our Eco-Friendly Traveller

The Canyon baths are an outdoor attraction surrounded by spectacular and enchanting nature and waiting for you to explore it. And as a tourist attraction the Canyon baths ensure sustainable and green efforts for its functioning and could be a part of your contribution as an eco-friendlier traveller to fight the effect of climate change and global warming.

Because the true climate emergency demands action from all of us and unless we act immediately to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we will not be able to stave off the worst consequences of climate change.

If you are not already thinking about sustainable, eco-friendly travelling when you are planning your already awesome Itinerary, we encourage you to start doing so!

So, help us and be a part of the solution.